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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Essay Writing?

Plagiarism is a serious offence, it may result in consequences that are tough enough to ruin your academic career. So, how to write an essay that passes the plagiarism check? Is there any trick or is there any software that essay writing services are using and you don’t know about it? Well, if you are dealing with plagiarism issues in an essay help coming right away.

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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism in the simplest definition is copying someone else’s work without giving the credit to the original author. The result is referred to as academic misconduct and can turn into serious penalties. In academic settings, time crunched students often feel pressured to get good grades. They lack the time to research and end up copying information from the web or buying papers from professionals offering Law Dissertation Help, Marketing Dissertation Help, Sociology Dissertation Help and more. 

What are the types of plagiarism?

The obvious plagiarism is copying and pasting others’ work and the less obvious method is paraphrasing. You can be submitting a plagiarized work if:

  • You are submitting other’s work as your own
  • You are copying large chunks of texts from online sources
  • You are not citing the sources properly
  • You are not citing the work of others and simply paraphrasing all of their content
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How do students plagiarize essays?

Sometimes plagiarism happens unintentionally when you fail to cite the original author. Although, any case of plagiarism is referred to as academic misconduct and to get genuine essay help in UK you must ensure that all the work submitted is original and well cited.  Moreover, students who lack the skills and time are tempted to get help from essay writing services to have plagiarism free work.  If you are one of them, then beware of shady services, chances are high they are delivering you paraphrased content copied from online resources. 

How to avoid plagiarism?

Have confidence in your writing skills. Stressed out students are more likely to breach academic integrity and copy from the internet. Before you freak out about your skills and reach out to assignment writing servicestry to have faith in yourself and work hard to avoid plagiarism. Below are some tips suggested by experts rendering essay help, try to follow them and you will be able to write honestly and score better the next time.

  1. Give enough time to research and brainstorming. Keep track of time while you read ample resources to build knowledge and later be able to write an essay in your own language.
  2. Whenever quoting someone else’s idea, make sure to cite it to avoid academic misconduct.
  3. Too much quoting is not suggested, so try to write in your own words. 
  4. To avoid paraphrasing, resist the urge of changing the synonyms or reordering the words in a sentence. Alternatively, you can read a complete paragraph in one go and then minimize the window to rewrite the idea, concept or thought in your language.
  5. Always use a plagiarism check before submitting the work. There are many free and paid checkers available online. Find the one that suits you the best and steer clear of plagiarism issues.
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FAQs about plagiarism

Which is the best plagiarism checker?

Unicheck, Scribbr and Grammarly are some of the best plagiarism checkers that let you check your content with billions of web pages.

Can I check plagiarism in my essay for free?

Free tools to check plagiarism are not accurate enough. To be sure you can either invest in a paid tool or get in touch with professionals offering plagiarism free essay help.

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